Our members are from many creative disciplines. They write, design, direct, produce, strategise, develop, code, illustrate, paint, photograph, build, and shape amazing things every day. Most importantly, they all help to create the work. The Perth Advertising and Design Club’s purpose is to inspire, assist and acknowledge the creators of commercial communications in Western Australia. If you’re looking to network, this directory can help.

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Name Member ID Title/Role Agency/Business Name Membership Type Link
Elizabeth Bindon-Bonney 9 Account Service bt create Honorary Fellow
Peter Armstrong 10 Other The West Australian Honorary Fellow
Wayne Vinten 4 Art Director Vinten Browning Honorary Fellow
Malcolm Maclean 7 Creative Director Malcolm Maclean Honorary Fellow
John Ilian 3 Creative Director The Sharper Pencil Honorary Fellow
Richard Baynham 6 Other Freelance Honorary Fellow
John Morgan 2 Creative Director Forward Vision Honorary Fellow
Gordon Dawson 1 Creative Director Gordon Dawson Advertising Honorary Fellow
Kim Shaw 5 Other Campaign Brief Honorary Fellow
Richard Gale 8 Other Gale Force Photography Honorary Fellow
Les Corner 72 Other The West Australian Honorary Fellow
Howard Read 19 Other Marketforce Honorary Fellow
Ellinor Saltin 1549 Student Student Student
Paulina Tan 1550 Student
Geoff Swingler 1551 Director Ad Capital Fellow
Michael Gatt 1099 Art Director Longtail Full
Stephen 1552 Art Director Longtail Communications Full
Jamie Simcock 1553 Student Curtin University Student
Elizabeth Graydon 1554 - - Student
Basil Antonas 1120 Chief Bongo Branding Full http://bongobranding.com
Vaughn Hockey 1193 Designer Juicebox Full
Stefan Langton 1271 Art Director Bear In Black Full
Daniel Veneklaas 1557 Student
Brett Layton 1559 Creative Director Two from Two Full
Ric Cairns 17 Creative Director Brandino Fellow http://www.brandino.com.au
Monique Gordon 1560 Head of Digital Design Rare Full
Tim Count 33 Audio / Music Production MDSaudio Full http://musicdesign.com.au
Thierre Rovero 1563 student Student
Joseph Dennis 1255 Creative Block Full http://josephdennis.net
Aaron Collyer 1564 Head of Digital and Creative University of Western Australia Full https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaroncollyer/
Wayne Cunningham 1565 State Manager SA and WA Adstream Fellow http://adstream.com
Paulina Hobbs 1462 Freelance Digital Art Director Paulina Hobbs Full
Andrew Tinning 427 Creative Director AT CREATIVE Full https://www.behance.net/atinning18ce
Mel Branson 1567 Freelancer Till Death Full
Anneliese Sullivan 1329 Copywriter The Brand Agency Full https://www.behance.net/anneliesem992f
Tom Wilson 422 CD & Writer KIOSK Creative Services Full http://kioskcreative.com.au/
Chris Hyland 1461 Junior Graphic Designer Meerkats: The Brand Leadership Company Full
martin beecroft 930 Other Meerkats Full
Mike Boag 1420 Designer Juicebox Full
Lisa Chhana 1569 Nativ Design Studio Full
Jadranko Silic 595 Pilot Airframed Full
Edward Hobbs 1574 Director Fisheye Full
Chris Luu 1454 Student - Art direction Student
Luke Williams 1460 Junior Creative Meerkats Full
Marcus Tesoriero 1578 Executive Creative Director The Brand Agency Fellow
Steve McCallum 1580 Director The Penguin Empire Full
Steve Brown 1481 Copywriter Rare Full
Heather Bowen 549 Writer Freelance Full
Natalie Lewis 1477 Producer The Penguin Empire Full
Neil Martin 727 Senior Art Director Marketforce Fellow
Patrick Lennox 898 Creative Director Marketforce Fellow
Kristy Warren 1265 Account Service GettinHectic Full
Carolyn Mooney 1375 Account Director The Brand Agency Full
Davood Tabeshfar 660 Creative Director Fellow
Justin Borromei 1586 Art Director The Brand Agency Student
Steve Boros 669 Designer brainCELLS Full
Daniel Paul Agostino 507 Designer The Brand Agency Full
Gwynneth Cavilla 951 Designer gDesign Full
Bryan Dennis 58 Creative Director &Partners Full
John Reed 1589 Collaborator Content Counts Full http://contentcounts.com.au
Jaemie Manners 1297 Other Sandbox Full
Jenny Crabb 1590 Senior Producer Sandbox Full
Brad Habib 853 Audio Production Soundbyte Studios Full
Andrew Allingham 1485 Senior Digital Designer 303 MullenLowe Full https://303mullenlowe.com.au/#/
Richard Berney 1322 303MullenLowe Full
Bianca Galan-Dwyer 1339 Art Director 303MullenLowe Full https://www.behance.net/BiancaGalanDwyer
Joe Hawkins 290 Creative Director J. Walter Thompson Fellow
Melita Masters 846 Senior Writer 303MullenLowe Full
Todd Baker 1591 Client Services Director 303 MullenLowe Full
John Linton 1592 Stategic Planner 303 MullenLowe Full
Paul Larking 1593 National Finance Manager 303 MullenLowe Full
Charnre Terblanche 1594 303 MullenLowe Full
Jenna Hardie 1595 303 MullenLowe Full
Eloise Cribb 1596 303 MullenLowe Full
Asheligh Glenister 1597 Business Coordinator 303 MullenLowe Full https://www.behance.net/ashleighgl563a/appreciated
Paula Helander 1598 303 MullenLowe Full
Rozanne Fretz 1479 AGENCY PRODUCER 303 MULLENLOWE Full
Madeleine De Pierres 1480 DESIGNER 303 MULLENLOWE Full
Steve Lorimer 1319 Senior Art Director 303MullenLowe Full
Tanya de Nicola 1600 Senior Creative Paperscout Fellow
Adam Rule 1259 Director & Editor Rhythm Content Full http://www.rhythmcontent.com.au
steve vojkovic 762 TV Production boogie monster design & post production Full
Brandon Piggott 1366 Copywriter Marketforce Full
Luke Riley 1604 Photographer Luke Riley Student https://www.behance.net/info0734ffee
Jack Walton 1605 Student Curtin University Student http://www.jackwaltondesignperth.com
Cam Campbell 1606 Digital Content Creator and Graphic Freelance Full http://www.placeorpoint.com
Grady Habib 1132 TV Production Sandbox Full
Alida Henson 1029 Writer Freelance Full http://alidahenson.com
Henry W. Njuguna 1317 Account Service Student Student
Darren Kam 1607 CEO Constructive Media Fellow https://www.constructivemedia.com.au
antony Batterham 1608 Trainer Skills Australia Institute Full
Ross Tinney 16 TV Production RT Films Honorary Fellow
Michael Cruise 1609 Director Michael Cruise Student
Maurice Melchers 1529 Creative Developer Marketforce Full http://mauricemelchers.nl/
Daniel McKeating 1610 Creative Director Lost & Found Full http://studiolostandfound.com
Andrew Wright 1190 Audio Production & Composer Forest Studio Full http://www.foreststudio.com.au/
Vinay Chhana 1611 Designer + Owner Nativ Design Studio Full
Matthew Wilson 1614 Copywriter The Brand Agency Full
Amber Sims 1615 Account Manager Rhythm Content Full
Daniel Craig 1523 Full
Cassie Grant 1616 Digital Producer Blake Media Group Full
Richard Vilensky 1513 Director Sandbox Productions Full http://richardvilensky.com
Tony Bannan 1296 TV Production Sandbox Full
Denzil Heeger 1620 Editor/Colourist Sandbox Full
Robert Woods 1411 Editor Sandbox Full
Niall Stephen 1512 Copywriter The Brand Agency Full
Lachy Banton 1511 Copywriter The Brand Agency Full
Joseph Mooney 1622 Senior Creative Juicebox Full http://orangeempirecreative.com.au
Luke Carter Wilton 936 Photographer Luke Carter Wilton Full
Matt PITCHER 1290 Other Self employed Full
Luke Lucas 1624 Digital Designer The Brand Agency Full
Pravendra Dipesh Prasad 1626 Art Director Peche Designs Full
Chantelle Malone 1627 Graphic Designer Marketforce Full
Tracey Kim 1628 Animator and illustrator The Brand Agency Full
Lucy Messenger 1418 Studio Co-ordinator Brainestorm Full
Nick Gallagher 960 Audio Production Brainestorm Digital Productions Full
Corrie Jones 1391 Director The Penguin Empire Full
Rob Forsyth 1389 Director The Penguin Empire Full
Nathon Webber 1403 Designer Expatriate https://nathonwebber.com
Gavin Bain 1061 CEO Meerkats Fellow
Claudia Henderson 1629 Expatriate
Amy Wyld 1631 Creative director Inspiration Marks Full
Louis Boys 1302 Freelance Copywriter / Art Director Full
Caitlin Sharpe 1632 Curtin University Student
Ellen Treharne 1633 Graphic Designer Treharne Creative Student
Jessica Marshall 1510 Student
Chris Nelson 1636 Director Juicebox Full
Rachel Thwaites 1638 Junior Designer Juicebox Student
Gabriella Hanna 1639 Student Student
Ting Sia 1323 Designer Meerkats Full
Megan Green 1640 Student
Chris Gurney 1642 Photographer Full
Justin Borromei 1367 Student
Tia Brazier 1644 PADC Club Manager PADC Full
James Annett 1645 Student Student
Alison Dawson 1646 Senior Art Director Trilogy Advertising and Marketing Pty Ltd Full
Michael Norman 1647 Student
Shaun Atherstone 1648 Photographer Dear Rabbit Studios Full
Rose McVeigh 1097 Student Curtin University Expatriate
Sally Henderson 1649 Student Student
Andrew Zorbas 1650 Student
Jasmine Lewis 1651 Graphic Designer Student
Asha Massong 1652 Student
Joshua Robins 1078 Student Edith Cowan University Full
Max Joyce 1653 Student
Mei Lee 1654 Student Student
Richard Jefferson 1152 Photographer Richard Jefferson Photography Full
Seonhyeong Jo 1655 Student
Abbey Vergone 1656 student Curtin uni Student
Claudia Brazier 1657 Student ECU Student
Anouk Ratnawibhushana 1658 Producer Gatecrasher / Stir Fry Content Full
Melanie Fe Goh 1659 Account Director Gatecrasher Advertising Full
Scott Pelham 1532 Digital Project Manager Gatecrasher Full
Rikki Burns 352 Creative Director Meerkats Full
Mitch Mitchell 1453 Creative Director The Studio (at SCA, Perth) Fellow
Tim Newton 1300 Creative J Walter Thompson Full https://www.behance.net/newtz
Jordan Ellis 1364 Student
Calle Bolmgren 1325 Art Director MADE IN THE PILE Full https://callebolmgren.com/
Grady Habib 1661 3d Animator Sandbox Full
Matthew Kerley 1495 Senior Motion Designer Sandbox Full
Grady Habib 1662 Producer Sandbox Full
Grady Habib 1663 Producer Sandbox Full
Siamese Pty Ltd 1664 Producer Siamese Full
Sidone Race 1665 Student
Fraser Johnson 1667 Creative Director Made In The Pile Full
Sasha Welch 1668 Student Student
Justin Griffiths 1666 Director of Photography/ Photographer Rhythm Content Full
Taige Grebe 1012 Other Trilogy Advertising & Marketing Full
Joanne Bulline 914 Account Service Trilogy Advertising & Marketing Full
Thao Van 1669 Student Curtin University Student https://www.behance.net/vanvu1301
Nita Davey 919 Account Service Trilogy Advertising & Marketing Full
Andrew Reid 1617 Designer Student
Marco Ieritano 1671 Student
Savitha Cassius 1672 Student
Damon Thompson 1538 Design & Photography Freelance Student
Ryan Vergone 1533 Digital Creative Trilogy Advertising and Marketing Full https://www.trilogyam.com.au/
Melissa Cashman 1673 Graphic Designer and Marketing Consultant Melissa Cashman Creative Full
Gemma Rule 1570 Producer / Project Manager Rhythm Content Full
Adele Varris 1674 Graphic Designer Juicy Design Student
Hayden Griffiths 1328 Art Director Freelancer Full https://www.behance.net/haydengriffiths
Frank Carroll 1676 Director Rhythm Content Full
Tom Parker 1675 Director Dilate Digital Full https://www.dilate.com.au/
John McGovarin 1571 Editor/Director Rhythm Content Full
James Gates 1677 Copywriter Made In The Pile Full
Kate Zimbulis 1678 Graphic Designer Trilogy Advertising and Marketing Pty Ltd Full
David Gardine 1679 Copywriter Made In The Pile Full
Antoni Buccini 1680 Strategic Planner Gatecrasher Full
Brett Wheeler 144 Creative Director Rare Fellow
Gemma Hall 1531 Assistant Producer Beautiful Pictures Full
Rachel Boon 1587 Creative Block Branding Full https://www.rachelboon.com
Mark Braddock 653 Creative Director Block Branding Fellow
Melissa Vella 1681 State Manager The Communications Council Full
Alex Graham 1475 Technical Director 303 MullenLowe Full https://alxthered.com
Albert Furfaro 1561 Senior Designer 303 MullenLowe Full http://www.albyfurfaro.com
Rod Killick 1682 Business Director The Brand Agency Full
Melanie Wiese 1387 CSO Meerkats Full
Dean Hunt 1482 CREATIVE DIRECTOR The Brand Agency Full
Neil Holmes 899 Art Director N/A Full
Andrew Fonceca 1683 Digital Producer Meerkats Full
Ali Simmons 1686 Business Director 303 MullenLowe Full
Paul Larking 1684 Senior Planner 303 MullenLowe Full
Andrew Douglas 1685 Business Director 303 MullenLowe Full
Sophie Park 1687 Media Account Executive 303 MullenLowe / MediaHub Full
Meg Handley 1688 Media Account Executive 303 MullenLowe / Media Hub Full
Emlyn Mowbray 1689 303 MullenLowe Full
Joel Taylor 1690 Editor / Colourist Boogie Monster Full
Emma Rule Layton 1691 Director Twofromtwo Full
Cindy Henderson 1499 Media Sales Executive Macquarie Media Full
Gordon Haynes 1270 Writer Mr Fellow
Nathan Cave 1692 Chief Advertising Officer Seven West Media Full
Nicole Beer 1470 Producer Yoke Productions Full
Ivona Gaspar 1422 Accounts Director Juicebox Full
Christopher Jones 1693 Technology Director Juicebox Creative Full
Jarrad Grigg 1374 Digital Director Juicebox Creative Full
Anthony Nankervis 1582 Creative Director Juicebox Full https://www.juicebox.com.au/
Danielle Glenister 1696 Sessional academic Curtin University Full
Lee Ingram 1695 Lecturer Curtin University Full
Jo Li Tay 1694 Lecturer Curtin University Full
Ian Regnard 1176 Photographer Ian&Erick Fellow
Benedikte Sophie Middleton 1451 Creative Producer Meerkats Full
Mahmudul Raz 1697 Managing Director Raz Rentals Expatriate
Morgane Guedj 1698 Graphic Designer & Illustrator Morgane Guedj Creative Full http://www.morganeguedj.com
Krystle Lampshire 1700 Content Client Director Carat Full
Adam Oliver 1404 Art Director Rare Full https://hellorare.com/
Megan McDonnell 1701 Creative Director Idea Catalyst Full
Grady Habib 1660 Director Sandbox Full
Clayton Smith 1702 Digital Marketing Strategist Smith Social Full
Carolyn Hall 1703 Director City Hall Consulting Full
Robert Mead 1704 Art Director Full
Oakie Diggins 1705 Student
Beth Keesing 1706 Graphic Designer BIKKI Designs Student http://bethkeesing.com
Josh Edge 1335 Senior Creative Meerkats Full https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshedge/
Michael Overbeek 1707 Student Curtin University Student
Emily Lowry 1708 Emily Lowry Student
Charmaine Koh 1709 Student Student
Michael Woolcott 1710 Student
Willow Springate 1711 Student Curtin University Student
PENGFEI LU 1712 Student Curtin University Student
Thomas Woodward 1713 Student
Minjin Choi 1714 Graphic Design Student Student
Naomi Gunton 1715 Student
Aznita Azman Arshad 1716 Student Student
Suzanne Richards 1717 Graphic Designer / Illustrator Student Student
mark lucas 847 Creative Director Lateral Aspect Full
Sam Price 1718 Motion Director Sam Price Studio Full
Scott Shorter 1719 Director Scott Shorter Online Marketing Strategists Full https://www.scottshorter.com.au/services/search-engine-optimisation/seo/
Benjamin Loh 1720 Graphic Designer/Photographer Student
Amanda Teo 1721 Student
Maverick Stone 1722 Graphic Designer and Illustrator Maverick Studios Student
Madison Guidone 1723 Ex-student Curtin University Student
Rob Casella 1724 Owner/Designer Rob Casella Creative Full
Patrick Ball 1725 Graphic Designer Made in the Pile Full