Join us on the 3rd September, THIS THURSDAY, for a truly unique, 12.30pm lunch break webinar as we tackle the biggest brief we’ve ever had – our own minds. This webinar, brought to you by PADC and UnLtd, will see three brave volunteers unlock their minds with the help of Katie Feder (a truly rare creature – a psychotherapist who just happens to have an extensive background in media and marketing), to understand what is holding them back and how to overcome those challenges.

We will be addressing some common mental health challenges and job stresses in a format we can all understand – a creative brief – and using our experiences and guidance of a psychotherapist to start to provide a solution to the brief. It’ll be fun, fast, and a super useful way to spend your lunch break. Join us.

Please note this session will only happen as a live event and WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE after this time – you’re either there in realtime or not at all. Don’t miss out!

Register  today. 

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