The results are in, and have been tallied, discussed, debated and dissected across the board by your PADC Committee members. Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute to the report, and for your comprehensive feedback across a whole range of issues. The insights we’ve collected from this report have been a valuable shared resource between many creative industry bodies across Australia, and has given a local WA perspective to many of the issues and reports coming out of the Eastern States.

You can download the survey results here.


So, to answer one particularly pointed question: “Why another survey?”

We get it. If you’re even tangentially involved in the creativity industry, you’re likely to have found yourself swamped by surveys, opinion pieces, and strategy discussions in recent times. It’s a fair question to ask why we’d need to bother adding to the pile. Our approach to this survey was to twofold: to sense-check the role of the PADC and the Skulls in the professional lives of our members, and to give a WA perspective on many of the national reports and surveys we were asked to participate in. To that point, we’ve been able to supply many national organisations and creative communities with a WA-centric point of view that would otherwise be lost in broader discussions around creative businesses and the design, production and tech industries. We’ve also gained valuable insights into the changing role of the Club to individuals and businesses, which will see some key changes to our structure and purpose in the coming year.

So thank you for your participation and continued support of the PADC.

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