Meerkats have recently developed Bethanie’s new Brand Campaign, the first piece amongst a significant scope of Brand and Strategic engagement.

In advertising and the media more broadly, there’s very little focus on ageing and how to age well, in fact, there are very few older faces on television, billboards or newspaper ads at all. Collaborating with Meerkats, Bethanie Group has been working to change this with their latest campaign, The Life Experts. “It was really important for us to focus on the authentic wisdom of ageing in a way that empowers and supports the ability of Bethanie residents to age with the best attitude. Who better than to show us how to age well than our incredible residents and clients?” said Bethanie CEO, Chris How.

The insight was that every Bethanie customer is an expert on one thing: their life. It is a personal wisdom which is facilitated and promoted by Bethanie, in order to broaden and deepen our understanding of ageing – and by association, the services that Bethanie provides.

“We know that independence is vital to our self-worth, the value that we create in society. And due to society often brushing ageing aside as a problem, our self-worth can diminish over time as we age. So we tend to be isolated, lose our sense of value and become defined by our needs,” said Zoe Kitson, Strategist at Meerkats. “We’re working with Bethanie to tackle this head on – by giving ownership of the ageing journey back to the people that matter the most.”

The campaign has launched across Outdoor, Radio, Press & Display, and captures the Life Advice from these experts with agency & personality. PADC alums Brad Habib at Soundbyte (radio), and Luke Carter Wilton (photography) helped Meerkats bring the campaign to life. The self-portraits and customer stories will be shown across press, outdoor, radio and at Yagan Square, with more opportunities being planned. The campaign also launched with full page press in The West, using a handwritten letter from George, a 89-year-old Bethanie Resident who had plenty of life advice to share.

Said Rikki Burns, Creative Director at Meerkats, “People are sick of being told what organisations stand for. It’s time to stop telling, and start proving. By using their campaign to give a voice to residents, Bethanie has set an example as an organisation that’s truly living their purpose. We spent hours meeting, interviewing and sharing stories with residents and clients –aged from their late 50s to over 100. Then we worked with photographer Luke Carter Wilton, to give them the opportunity to take a personal self-portrait (basically a selfie) to help them show how they wanted to be presented to the world.”


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