Well, the nominations are closed, and everyone’s beginning to look nervously around at one another. It’s been a very competitive year, with Designer of the Year topping out at an impressive 20 individual nominations. The newly-created Digital Talent of the Year has also seen a large number of nominations, which is fantastic to see and a great testament to the depth of digital talent in Perth.

Tickets are now on sale for the awards night, which will be held at Fridays Studio (the apostrophe is implied) on Thursday, May 23rd.

And the nominees are…

Nominations for Art Director of the Year

Adam Oliver, Ben Green, Brett Wheeler, Bryan Dennis, Dustin De Souza, Hayden Griffiths, Henry Billington, Justin Borromei, Lauren Regolini, Liz Hammond, Luke Williams, Nathan Teoh, Neil Martin, Niall Stephen, Rikki Burns.

Nominations for Copywriter of the Year

Alida Henson, Anneliese Sullivan, Brandon Piggott, Daniel St Vincent, Davood Tabeshfar, Dean Hunt, Joe Mooney, Josh Edge, Lachlan Banton, Matt Wilson, Maya Halilovic, Pat Lennox, Rikki Burns, Tom Wilson.

Nominations for Composer of the Year

Andrew Wright, Mike Fragomeni, Nick Gallagher, Robert Woods, Tim Count.

Nominations for Digital Talent of the Year

Ben Derham, Chris Andrawes, David Woodward, Jessica Murray, John Lombardo, Josh Meredith, Monique Gordon, Nick Barrett, Sam Price.

Nominations for Designer of the Year

Brett Layton, Cameron Aitkenhead, Carly Groves, Chantelle Malone, Chris Hyland, Enrico Bettesworth, Ian Bird, Janice Law, Joseph Dennis, Louis Boys, Luisa Rheinlander, Mark Braddock, Melissa Radman, Michael Boag, Mindy Lee, Rebecca Mills, Ryan Vincent, Simone Brescacin, Vaughn Hockey, Vinay Chhana.

Nominations for Director of the Year

Adam Rule, Corrie Jones, Daniel Craig, Ed Hobbs, Grant Sputore, John McGovarin, Matt Pitcher, Paul Komadina, Richard Vilensky, Robert Forsyth.

Nominations for Emerging Craftsperson of the Year

Cameron Murray, Denzil Heeger, Dipesh Prasad, Jade Koch, Lucy Messenger, Luke Riley, Mason Truong, Naomi Gunton, Peter Townsend, Rachel Boon, Stevie Cruz-Martin, Juhyun (Tracey) Kim.

Nominations for Editor of the Year

Adam Rule, James Hawkes, John McGovarin, Tony Bannan.

Nominations for Photographer of the Year

Brayton Gillette, Daniel Craig, Hannah Jones, Luke Carter Wilton, Richard Jefferson.

Nominations for Sound Designer of the Year

Brad Habib, Julian Douglas-Smith, Justin Braine, Mike Fragomeni, Nick Gallagher, Shaun Sandosham


Remember, you need to be an active PADC member to enter the Diamond Skulls, so be sure to renew your membership (now with automatic annual renewal!) before you finalise your entry. Good luck to all nominees, and we’ll see you on the night.





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