When I talk to some people in the WA industry who aren’t PADC members yet, some of them ask the question, ‘Is it worth it?’. Obviously, the short answer is ‘yes’.  After all, it would be a bit naff of us to write an entire article about not joining the club, on our own site. But I thought it would be useful to share some of the reasons why you should become a member from my perspective (and a few of my committee members who added some bits at the end), and what made me sign up in the first place:

Why you should be a member.

  1. You’re supporting your local club that allows your work to be seen by international Executive Creative Directors and fantastic production judges at the PADC Skulls. As well as showing off how great Perth work is, this also gets your name up in lights.
  2. Now with an added bonus of the Diamond Skulls, you also get to show even more of your work to international judges. Some of the categories even allow personal projects. You can’t buy that kind of creative exposure! (well, you can, you can buy a membership).
  3. Hot tip: You basically get all your money back when you go to one of the best industry nights of the year, the PADC Skulls Award Show. It only costs $65 to become a member, and every year the Skulls Award Show ticket is $65 less than the full price for members. That’s enough of a reason by itself!
  4. Your name gets on the Skulls Award, so you’re recognised for all of your hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Creative, Director, Account Service, Producer, Planner, Chief Coffee Maker or Random Student Intern, if you’re a PADC member and you worked on the job, you can nab some of that precious award topography.
  5. Your name appears on the new PADC Member Directory. So when agencies want to discover a Creative, Designer, Account Handler, Planner, Producer, Editor, Sound Designer, Illustrator, Digital Unicorn or any other kind of Unicorn they can find you easier. And, unlike LinkedIn stalking, you don’t get any creepy notifications.
  6. You get discounted entry prices to a range of industry events.
  7. You get to hang out with us at Commune throughout the year. Well, technically anyone can come along to Commune, but you’ll get warm fuzzies when you meet all the other members.
  8. Your mum will be super proud of you, and will be able to brag to all of her friends that her child is a valued member of the Perth creative community, and that they’re super successful, and that their name is on the real-life internet.
  9. You can put the letters ‘PADC’ after your name on business cards and pretend you have a doctorate of AWESOME.
  10. You’re helping to keep commercial creativity alive and well in the city we all love to live in.

And yes, we know we’re banging on a lot about supporting the club, but hopefully, this helps you to see a little more of the benefits and importance to the Perth creative community. If you’re keen to join, step right this way.

Still not convinced?

Please comment below and tell us why you’re not fully sold. We shall put several of our finest resources towards solving any problems you have*.


* ‘Finest resources’ may involve a couple of the committee members, who aren’t too busy with work that day and who answer the PADC Bat Signal in a timely manner. Results may vary after 3pm on a Friday.


Photo: Mel Branson



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