PADC members Dav Tabeshfar and Bryan Dennis, of &Partners, recently launched their new campaign for Chicken Treat that paid delicious tribute to the Orange One Who Shall Not Be Named. I wanted to know a bit more about the creative process they went through to get there, and how different it is to create something when your creative agency consists of you and your creative partner, staring at each other with a blank piece of paper.

EDGE: How much is ‘having fun’ an important part of the creative process?

TABESHFAR: Last year, we actually spent two days on Rottnest talking about our company values, beliefs and purpose. It sounds like a massive [expletive deleted in the name of good taste], but I assure you, it was very grown-up and productive. I still haven’t written up the document (the shoemaker’s children and all that) but something Bryan and I agreed on pretty early in the piece, was that fun is not a side effect of doing good work; rather doing good work is a side effect of having fun. It doesn’t always work like that, but mostly it does.




Tell us a bit about the creative process of turning a burger into the Leader of the Free World.

Our creative process for Chicken Treat was a lot of fun – and massively productive. I think we felt we’d already nailed the brief 10 times before we landed on our winner. Our only concern was that we didn’t have any ideas that put the ‘American-ness’ of the burger front and centre. So we happily gave it one last push, not really expecting to beat our favourite concept, just for due diligence really. We were wary of doing anything thigh-slappingly Texan, so spent a bit of time talking about the America we experienced on social media – and that’s when ’Trumps other burgers’ popped out. We didn’t actually expect the client to go for it.



We didn’t force the fun. That’s no fun at all. But we did stop working on the brief when we weren’t feeling it. You know when both you and your partner just dry up and you start drawing cubist faces on your pad and say “…ummm” a lot? That’s when we did something else.



It’s a luxurious position to be in – to be able to stop working on something while you recharge your fun. But I guess that’s one the benefits of owning your own business – you make the time and over-invest in the things you love.


You can check out the full campaign as featured in Campaign Brief WA. 

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